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Kalkan Destination Guide

Kalkan is an elegant harbourside town,which clings to a steep cliff and overlooks a beautiful bay,It has a good selection of small shops,together with  numerous seafront restarunats and bars-manyof these are situated on roof terraces with fabulous views over the the bay and small harbour.The beauty of the town is matched by warmth and friendliness of the Kalkan people,for whom hospitality is way of life.


The Charming village of Kalkan has a rich cultural herigate.Its recent history has seen many changes,precipitated in th most part b the arrival of  tourism.Formerly a Greek village called Kalamaki ,Kalkan was settled between 1500 and 200 years ago by people of both Turkish and Geek origin During the 19 th century,it is served as a port for the surrounding economy  consisting mainly of olive farming and fishing.

In 1921, the new Turkish Rebuplic and Greece embarked  on a  population exchange as a consequence of  the War of Independence .Most of the Greeks living in Kalkan migrated to the nearby Greek island of Meis (Kastellerizo in Greek).

Today Kalkan's Greeek  ancestry can be seen in the buildings of the old village with their wooden balconies jutting out above the cobbled streets  below. Take a look above you for the carved wood inscriptions giving a hint to the  history of the building.More recent years have seen Kalkan being to choice of  residence  of a lot of people wanting to live abroad.