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Kalkan Culturel Sites

Kalkan is ideally located for exoloration of plethora of sites which are alomost always sure to be free of the tourist hordes.Please refer to page  40 for detalied site descriptions.

The Following sites are within  a 1-hour 30 minute journey

TLOS: A fortress-topped acropolis dramatically set high on rocky outcrop.

PINARA:A Lycan site with a splendid and isolated setting.

LETOON:A shrine to Leto consisting of three temples.

XSANTOS:The ancient  capital and grandest of Lycia.

PATARA:  The Birthplace of St Nicholas and mystical site half-covered with the sands of Patara.

ARYCANDA: Our favorurite  Lycan  site and one of the Lycian Coast’s best kept secrets.

TELMESSOS:The modern town of Fethiye is built on the site of this ancient Lycian town.Numerous sarcophagi are dotted around the town and wonderful example of a cliff tomb is to be found overlooking Fethiye

FETHIYE MUSEUM:Houses examples of Lycian antiquiets and trilingual stele from Letoon , which helped with deciphering the Lycian language.